Friday, August 3, 2012

After some three years, the publishing of "Syd Chaplin: A Biography" in December, 2010, the "Charlie in the Heartland: An International Charlie Chaplin conference" in Zanesville, OH and much more (including my marriage), has been updated at last.  It's funny how you strive and strive and strive to finish something, then once it's finished, you forget about all the things you should probably do to follow up.  Anyway, the website is updated, Syd's bio has been out quite a while, and I am on to new adventures (in some respects).

Reviews for the book were overwhelmingly positive, which provided me a lot of satisfaction.  Thanks to all of you who have contacted me with your comments.  Keep them coming!

I still have some hopes of a traveling exhibit in Syd's honor, possibly focusing on the airline, and then maybe a documentary and film collection on DVD down the road, but I'm not sure any of this is possible.  We'll see what opportunities present themselves.

Posts here will remain few and far between and will be written only to update readers on scholarship (my own or others') on Syd that is new and/or upcoming.

My next project will be on Charlie.  Prospectus in the works!

Lisa Stein Haven
3 August 2012