Sunday, January 20, 2008

Welcome to Syd's Blog

As you know from the website, I have embarked on the Syd Chaplin life-and-art biography project, as of March 2006. That means, although this website and especially this blog is very young, I have been diligently working on this project as a whole for a while. Over the next few days, I will update you on my progress so far--the ups, the downs, the run-arounds.

This will be my most intensive Syd-year yet, for I have given myself until the end of the year to have the book mostly, if not completely done. Not published, simply written. Finding a publisher will be a whole other task completely and will require an entirely different kind of energy.

So, I hope you will check back often to see the progress we have made so far.

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Alessandra said...

Hi Lisa,
what do you usually do to find a publisher? I would like to publish a book myself about Fred Astaire but I have no idea of how to find a publisher. I know that some novel writers just send their works to possible publishers but in case of a big work of research I fear to send teh entire work away with no guarantee.